Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Dreamwidth's Open Beta Phase starts in 11 hours! \o/ As all Open ID accounts with validated email addresses get one invite code to create journals then, I'm about to take off all Open ID accounts I gave access to. Once you have an account, please add me with that instead and I'll add you back asap. :D If you missed it, at DW I'm moonie.

Speaking of Dreamwidth. All existing accounts will be getting invites to hand out soon! If you don't have an Open ID account with a validated email address at Dreamwidth and aren't on anyone else's list for a Dreamwidth invite, please drop your preferred email address in a comment to this post and I'll hook you up as soon as I'm able. :) I don't know how many invites I'll get so it's come first, served first.

Also, please don't delete your Open ID accounts. When someone imports their journal and comments, Open ID accounts are automatically created (eg. to make clear who the comments are from. In the future it will be possible to link your Dreamwidth account to your Open ID account(s), which will turn your Open ID comments into comments from your actual DW account. Which is awesome! If you delete your Open ID account(s), however, your imported comments will appear with a strike through. This is not only ugly, there's also the danger of your Open ID account(s) being purged and your comments disappearing. This is bad! There was talk about fixing this (ie. making Open ID accounts unpurgable) but I don't know if this already happened. So for now, please don't delete your Open ID account(s)! Thank you. <3

eta; Forgot to pimp out my DW communities! Feel free to join:

supernatural: All things Supernatural. (Except for fic.) About the show in general.
j2: All things Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles. (Except for fic.)
j2fic: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles fic.
Tags: journaling
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