Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

I'm not really here, this is an illusion, oooh-aaah!

Snagged this icon from misty_creates:

Keywords: OMGHISFAAAAACE. <3!!1!eleven!

All the Aussie Con squee makes me SO VERY HAPPY. Oh, boys. <- For the very first time this includes Misha. Damn the man! He studied us and now he's manipulating us into loving him like the evil puppet master he is. And it's working too! *grumps*

OH OH OH, I finally got around to watching the Doctor Who Easter Special! (I enjoy rewarding myself for Getting Things Done.) He said my (real) name! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS. *weak knees* It's okay, Ten, I LOVE YOU TOO. \o/
Tags: fandom

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