Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

So, Dollhouse.

I was very disappointed with the first episode. The story didn't grab me at all, the Dollhouse was mostly creepy as fuck, Eliza Dushku's dead eyes were dead and her acting hit and miss. I've come to accept Eliza's shortcomings even if they are difficult to endure--at least she's hot, right? *cringe* But the rest of it..

To be honest, I only watched the second episode because I knew FOX had fucked around with the pilot more than a little, and hoped that was the reason for the suckage. And now, after seeing episode two, I'm almost convinced that was it.

I liked episode two A LOT more. There was backstory so everything actually started to make sense, the characters started to feel more real, Eliza got to run around kicking ass (the one thing she's good at--well, that and dancing), and most importantly, Matt "The Middleman" Keeslar was AWESOME. *hearts*

We'll see if Dollhouse continues to be interesting and, well, on the air. It IS on FOX after all. Truthfully, I'm almost scared of liking it..
Tags: fandom, fandom: misc. tv shows
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