Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» I'm beginning to worry about my sanity. Has anyone else lost several hours of their life staring at the Jared picture I posted yesterday? 'Cause um, yes. *blush*

» Last night, when the clock ticked over to midnight and the fireworks started to go off, Leverage had just ended. As in, fade to black BAM midnight! Best accidental timing in the history of EVER. Hardison had a special place in my heart to begin with (yes, I forgave him for killing Sam Winchester, gasp! hee) but now that I know he's a Doctor Who fanboy my love knows no bounds. :D Actually, I adore all the characters and so far, with the exception of 1.04 which I thought was a tad boring, I loved all the episodes. Leverage is definitely one of my favorite shows at the moment. <3

» I have always considered Christian Kane to be an acquired taste and I fear his song Whiskey in Mind has almost pushed me over the edge. Almost because um, his hair scares me. It's big and fluffly, and.. I hope he cuts it before it attempts to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. *gulp* But, the song! I love, love, LOVE it and can't seem to stop listening to it. :D Another song I really like is Blaze but the quality of my copy leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately. The sound keeps going in and out. Hopefully it'll end up on a future album or something. Which, to my horror, I'm actually planning on buying. O.O DAMN YOUR GROWLY VOICE, CHRISTIAN KANE.
Tags: fandom, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: misc. tv shows, fandom: somebodies
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