Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» The news of JARED AND JENSEN LIVING TOGETHER OMG!!!1!eleven!1 didn't implode fandom. Let me count the domestic fics on my f-list and say: I WUV U, SUPERNATURAL. And boyz. And fandom-y people. *twirl*

» Barackstar! Today's Sinfest is hilarious. "Charisma: a form of Voodoo? How To Protect Your Children". BWAHAHAHA. *hiccup*

» The Sarah Connor Chronicles: HOLY MOTHER OF SEASON OPENERS. The first five minutes gave me a raging hard-on. MORE OF THAT PLZ. *flaps* For the record, I don't think Little Miss Terminator was back to Good Girl yet when she told him she loved him. She only overwrote the termination command after he revived her so I think when she said that, she was just trying to manipulate him into letting her 'live'.

» Privileged: I'm very happy I checked that out. It's nothing to get overly excited about but the pilot was very entertaining and the main character is positively adorable. Also, cute guy alert! I'mma keep watching this show, yesyes.

» Eureka: I'm still very much enjoying Jack's wacky adventures but, but... I want Stark back! I miss the way he would mock and insult Jack with that dry tone of his. I WANTS IT BAAAACK. ;_;

» Psych: I want a Shawn. *hearts* I loved the episode as a whole but the slashy bits in particular. I know, you're all surprised. ;) "You are so sexy right now!" Hee! And the hug, and the I love you! Aww, Shawn&Gus=4EVA. I love that the show plays up the slash on purpose (without insulting/mocking the people who enjoy seeing it like some other show I could mention). I <3 Psych.

» ARI GOLD IS BACK, WOOT. Mmh, they should've named the show after him.

» Clearly I need an icon that shouts my tv whoring out to the world in a subtle way. Until then, have crazy Jensen. :D
Tags: fandom, fandom: misc. tv shows
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