Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Is there a full version of the Doctor Who score that's playing when Ten explains what The Library had meant by "4022 people saved, no survivors", and later when he's all "Look me up, rawr"? If it exists, I'd love a copy. I can't get it out of my head!

» I was talking to gwyntastic yesterday and mentioned that I better not watch the pilot of Christian Kane's new show Leverage before bed lest I dream of the guy or something. Then I got bored and watched it anyway. Guess who visited my dreams last night? WTF, BRAIN. I WAS KIDDING. I have to admit that Kane cleans up nicely, though. Sure, the hair is ridiculous (if it gets any longer I will have no choice but to start calling him Christina) but, but. His voice is all GROWLY. And he's wearing GLASSES on that show! I.. I think I might be vaguely attracted to him. Or maybe to his character? I hope it's his character. Kane drinks too much and throws punches at the drop of a hat. Also, he has ISSUES when it comes to woman beating him up, even if it's on a show. Apparently he's still whining about that one time a girl kicked his ass on Angel. Heh. ANYWAY. Leverage is awesome. More, please!

» Speaking of new shows. Is anyone else watching In Plain Sight? It's VERY rare that I take an instant liking to a female character (or any liking at all, really) but Mary and I hit it off right away. She's tough and a smart-ass, in a way that doesn't make her look like a total bitch (thanks to the actress, imo). She reminds me of Dean in a way. The show is pretty fun to watch too.
Tags: fandom, fandom: misc. tv shows
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