Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

OMG THE LOVE. AGAIN. *runs in circles*

They killed Lorne! *sadface* For the non-SGA familiar peeps: the dude who had his liver stolen is Major Lorne on Stargate Atlantis. I love Lorne!

Dean's face after he okay'd exorcising the demon at the beginning BROKE MY HEART. He's so scared, poor baby.

THE BOYS SPLIT UP. OW MY HEART. Poor Sam, he's so desperate now, I can't believe he considered this whole thing an OPTION. And wtf, they buried the guy alive! That seemed unusually cruel. *shudders*

Okay, that jogger dude? WAS HOT LIKE SMOKING. I just, sajfgsajkf! I want Dean and Sam to have lots of sex with him, stat. *flaps* Too bad he died. Uh, actually I'm not sure he did. Because I'm a baby and skipping the bloody parts. *blush* Did he die?

The angst was LOVELY and the boys looked DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I could stare at Jensen's face for HOURS. It's kind of sad. And JARED. *paws* God we have the hottest cast in the history of the UNIVERSE. I'd feel bad for being so damn shallow but luckily our boys are also insanely TALENTED. *g*

Bela lovers might want to skip this paragraph, although the grr is more directed at the writers than Bela. The thing is, I like Lauren. She did an awesome job here. I even felt bad for Bela towards the end because no one deserves to go to hell. (Which I assume she did. Since we didn't see it, I wouldn't put it past the writers to try to weasel out of that one in season four.) I'm incredibly miffed at the writers for screwing up a character who could've been so, so very brilliant. What pisses me off, though, is that they (or rather Sera) used sexual abuse to try and manipulate us into feeling bad for hating Bela's guts. I can only assume that they figured that surely no one would dare not to feel sorry for someone who's been sexually abused by their father. Like that makes everything she did to Sam & Dean okay somehow. Um, no. I'm sorry but Bela fucked the boys over so badly, she was unredeemable in my eyes.

Boohiss at the writers in general and Sera in specific. (Sera lovers might want to skip this paragraph.) My dislike for her (originally fueled by the needless killing off of characters like Ash, which she admitted had been her idea for no good reason whatsoever) multiplied after her loud and clear 'fuck you' (wrapped in Sam and Bela hooking up in a dream and conveniently 'forgetting' to make it clear that the dream wasn't of Sam's own making) a few episodes back, and I'm now officially fed up with her. Right back at you, Sera Gamble.

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