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So mareen kept going on and on about Arrested Development until I had no choice but to check it out for myself. *g* I ended up mainlining all three seasons within a week, and now I have the biggest crush on Jason Bateman.

A couple of quotes from his interview with The Advocate (Dec '07):

Have guys ever hit on you?
I don't know if I'd be able to tell, only because I'm so flirtatious with gay men anyway. They usually have great senses of humor, so I just get my flirt on, and they're probably not enjoying my humor as much as I'm enjoying theirs -- maybe all those laughs are just come-ons and I'm getting hit on the whole time. But I do enjoy my time around homosexual men, to the point where people have thought I'm gay for years. I had to get myself a wife just to prove otherwise.

If you were gay, who'd be your type?
Oh, God, who am I gay for… Well, Will Arnett, the guy who played G.O.B. on Arrested Development. I've been trying to get in his pants since the pilot, and he's just not giving it up. [...]


I adore the guy so much--his humor, his voice, his hair, all of it. :D

Oh, and I watched Juno the other day, because Jason's in it, and I can't get over the scene where it turns out that his character (Jason's 39) thought that there's something going on between him and Juno (who's 16 and pregnant)--which isn't the case, obviously.

I was completely baffled because Mark/Juno was adorable and completely innocent in my mind, not, y'know, hot or anything. I didn't expect the movie to go there! I've re-watched the scene five times now, and his face when he realizes that Juno doesn't think of him that way, that he was a complete idiot to even consider she might, just kills me every damn time.

And now I'm off to stalk Jason on YouTube. ;) I'm dying to get my hands on his SNL appearance from 2005. Wish me luck!
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