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I can't get Mystery Spot out of my head. That episode OWNS ME. Dean clutching Sam's jacket in that one scene breaks my heart into a million pieces. LOOK AT THAT. *whimper*

And! I only noticed this during the uh, fifth viewing or so (..WHAT! I REALLY LIKE THAT EPISODE, OKAY?). omgwtf blood splatter! Poor Dean.

Speaking of blood, how did they NOT notice the little FOUNTAIN OF HILARITY splurting out of Dean's chest? Hee!! (Not sure you can see it on this cap, but watch the scene again. Bwahaha.)

*rolls around in show!love*

Several people on my f-list recced the BBC pilot Being Human recently, and I have to join in. It hasn't been picked up yet but oh, it has so much potential! It's about a vampire (this tall, lanky, dark & brooding dude) and a werewolf (an adorable dork with a curse) who move in together and... okay, I don't want to give too much away but it's interesting and slashy (whee!) and here's a few screencaps.

Could his hips BE any slimmer? HOMG.

I love it when they share that couch. I have the feeling that werewolf dude got used to vampire dude's feet in his lap very quickly. (He did seem surprised that first time.) (Note to self: would it KILL YOU to remember the names of characters? Gah.)

Check it out if you can!

Spoilery reaction to yesterday's episode of Primeval: NOOooOOooOOooO~~! Stephen is too pretty to die, damn it! *sulks* They better bring him back.

ALSO, before I forget AGAIN, to whoever left me that hilarious note at svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game: ♥♥♥!
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