Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Dirty Sexy Money continues to make me a very happy fangirl. You have no idea how badly I wanted it to be Brian -- and then it was! *cackles* I laughed and laughed. Poor Nick, of course it had to be Brian, the one Darling who's hated Nick's guts pretty much since day one. It's hilarious and kind of sad, and I can't wait to see how it will affect their relationship. They did share a moment in the church, but you never know with Brian (see him begging his wife for a second chance, then cheating on her again with Brian Jr's mom).

I kind of missed Juliet in the last episode, though. She's fun.

Regarding the show in general, I love that I just can't make up my mind about who the bad guy is. The show is pointing more strongly at Simon Elder now, but at the same time there's these moments and hints that Tripp isn't completely innocent himself and might be hiding something. Thank god Dirty Sexy Money got a full season order. I would have cried had they canceled the show prematurely.

Oh, bwahaha, I had no idea! Wikipedia says:

Using publicity from Paris Hilton's jail sentence controversy, ABC placed full-page advertisements in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Post that read: "We love Paris. The Darling Family."
The network has also placed fake advertisements on popular gossip blog on August 6, 2007 "denouncing" the diva-like behavior of Samaire Armstrong's character, Juliet Darling, among others.
*dies* ABC FTW.

I miss Supernatural. *sadface* My other shows keep me entertained (Dirty Sexy Money! Chuck! Pushing Daisies! Dexter! ♥) but, but. Sam! Dean! MAH BOYS. *sniffs* I may have to rewatch season two. Mmmyes, so my favorite. *strokes DVDs lovingly*

gwyntastic sent me hot cocoa. Not just any hot cocoa, no no: Swiss Miss. Mmm! This time it's the Marshmallow Lovers variety, and I think that's my new favorite. I love the regular, but dude, mini marshmallows. *glee!* Very yummy. :D
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