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Cool link via f-list: Give Away of the Day. I was just in time to grab yesterday's giveaway, an awesome tabbed word processor and outliner for creative writers. Today's giveaway isn't for me, but who knows what they'll have for us tomorrow. I'm definitely going to drop by to check.

Watched White Noise 2: The Light, a creepy horror flick with Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff. Nathan was awesome as usual and totally rocked this role. In your face, everyone who said the man couldn't do serious.

And no, I'm nowhere near over the premature death of Drive. *sniffle* Alex Tully, I hardly knew you but man, by episode two I was already crushing on you so hard. You would've been insanely awesome, if only they'd given you the chance. Rest in peace, dude.

fangirlsays is organizing Operation: Winchester (working title), which aims to send out sets of the Supernatural season 1 DVDs to (American) troops overseas. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post describing Operation: Winchester in detail and including information on how everyone can get involved.

I could squee at length about What Is and What Should Never Be, but after reading the f-list's episode reactions, I feel that everything has already been said. Therefore, I shall picspam a wee bit instead. Like this!

(Click for full 1280x720 goodness.)

I just love that shirt on him. Rawr. A few more caps behind the cut. Once again, click for full size!

And that's where I stopped myself because ack, no time to cap it all! I'm sure leggyslove will post 1280x720 caps of the whole episode sooner or later. Keep an eye on her community bunny_icons. She also caps Heroes. Ooh, Peter and Sylar in 1280x720! Excuse me. *scrambles to download*

And now: recs!

Sharing Different Heartbeats (Dean/Sam) by alazysod.

Life As We Know It (1/2, 2/2; Sam/Dean) by sevenfists.

The Death of Jensen Ackles (1/2, 2/2; not a death fic; Jared/Jensen) by gilascave.

Whither Thou Goest (1/2, 2/2; gen) by indysaur.

Drink This Well Dry (Sam/Dean; 2.20 coda) by lyra_wing.

Something I've been waiting for with bated breath since 2.19: prison fic!

The Green River County Detention Center Experiment (Being Wrong Is a Bitch) by causeways.

The Bitch (1/3, 2/3, 3/3; Sam/Dean) by stele3.

We have so many good authors, so much great fic in this fandom, it's beautiful. ♥
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