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The Doctor is back! *twirls* I'm not in fandom and therefore haven't been exposed to anything surrounding the show except for a handful of promo images several months back that featured the new girl. I liked Rose a lot and after seeing those images I honestly thought it would take me a long time to get used to the new girl. And then I watched the season opener and I liked her instantly. Martha is awesome, and she and Ten have some serious chemistry going, imo. I'm very much looking forward to next week's episode.

Night at the Museum was fun. Owen Wilson playing a cowboy is one of my favorite things ever. There were quite a few moments in the movie that made me laugh out loud, but this one made me laugh the hardest: Jedadiah (Owen Wilson's character), who's a miniature cowboy, and Octavius who's a miniature Roman, are letting the air out of the tire of a van and, since they're tiny, are close to being blown away.

Octavius: Go! Save yourself!
Jedadiah: I ain't quittin' you!

AAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *giggle-hiccup* I'm so easy.

Wednesday's NCIS episode was the best all season. I'd almost forgotten that the show could be that good. *squishes show to bosom*

Oh, and Life on Mars was so, very, good this week as well! *hearts*

As for The Dresden Files, Bob is pretty much my least favorite character on the show and I sort of wish someone would accidentally drop his skull, but even though last Sunday's episode was about him (sort of), I found it quite enjoyable. Yay! Now if only they would fire half the crew and get people who actually know how to write for and make a TV show, 'cause sometimes it seriously feels like they have no clue.

Bridge to Terabithia made me cry my eyes out. I had no idea it'd be so sad! Most unfair. Hah, look at me. Finally a movie trailer that didn't spoil the whole movie and here I am bitching about having been taken by surprise.

Annoyance of the week: this little guy -> <- won't load for me. Instead I get a text link saying [info] which is underlined, except that the line isn't right under the text but about half a line under, crossing through whatever text there happens to be. If I go to the icon's location, Firefox tells me: "The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors." Question: is anyone else experiencing this problem or am I special?
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