Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Jensen Ackles is hotter than the sun. Seriously.

British TV is the new love of my life. Life on Mars continues to rock my world, and okay, so Primeval is kind of trashy but in a fun way, like Dr. Who (which returns next week, yay!). And because I'm shallow, I have to add that the best thing about Primeval, to me, is Stephen Hart (played by James Murray). It's the dark hair, blue eyes combination. Gets me every time. The pretty face doesn't exactly hurt either, of course. :P

The movie trailer made Stranger Than Fiction look oh so funny, and then I watched it and it nearly bored me to death. *sadface* Should be illegal, that.

Sweet Charity is now over, and I'm very, very bitter that I couldn't play due to lack of funds. I wish they'd done that in April. :(

I'm trying myself at Sims 2. Again. The first time I played Sims 2 ended in a rather traumatic event: poor Rodney burnt to a crisp while John jumped up and down, screaming, because I had forgotten to buy them a fire alarm. *sniffle* Hopefully this won't happen again. *gulp* I already created a Jared and Jensen, along with a Sadie and Harley to keep them company, and moved them into a big house (thanks to the motherlode cheat). Whee! (Oh man, I'm such a dork.)
Tags: fandom, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: misc. tv shows, fandom: other entertainment
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