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Activity! On my Dreamwidth friends page! AMAZING. ;)

I've settled in okay on Dreamwidth. Fixed up my profile and layout, finished wrangling the reading page filters, and set up [community profile] merlinrpf to match merlinrpf. Next up there are a couple of communities that I created on Dreamwidth but don't own on Livejournal, and I'm looking forward to getting them ready for launch. Chief among them [community profile] chrisevans because I'm, y'know, obsessed. <3

Features I don't think I can cope without oh god whywhywhy do they not exist on Dreamwidth~

* Notes! How am I expected to function (and remember how I met people) without the Notes feature? Welp.
* Spoiler cut! It's so nice to be able to hide things on entry pages and in comments, and my soul hurts for the lack of it.
* Scheduled posts! They would sure help with the Daily Picture at [community profile] chrisevans, but the last mention of scheduled posts at [site community profile] dw_news that was like, a year ago afaik? So that doesn't seem to be happening.

Other than that I'm eagerly awaiting the tool they announced at [site community profile] dw_support, that will allow us to wipe imported content. I didn't notice until recently that the importer hiccuped and my journal is littered with double imports, argh. I'm not sure yet if I'll reimport at [personal profile] moonie or use a back-up account instead.

I thought about not crossposting this one because it's All About Dreamwidth, but I'm so excited to try out the crossposting feature that I can't resist. I tried using site names instead of "here" or "there" to avoid confusion, and here's hoping I didn't screw up any of the coding so it makes sense on both sites.


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