Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Let's see if I can get this entry-by-email to go through despite the icky DDoS attack LJ is currently suffering.

marguerite_26 and hermette's B/C Tin Hat Fest has moved to Dreamwidth because that site actually works at the moment. ;)

Email me at if you want a DW invite to play! (I know some of you are tired of being offered DW invites butbutbut B/C fest. Come onnn, totally worth it, y/y? You can forget all about your DW account after!)

I'm thrilled to report that hermette is filling my prompt here. It's a WIP and I'm already in love. :D

IN OTHER NEWS. giselleslash reported on Twitter that her friend interviewed Eoin and apparently he and Bradley will be moving in together. YOU GUYS. I'm having Joe/Jason and Jared/Jensen flashbacks. ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS FTW.

Ugh, so much awesomeness these past few days. Worst timing for LJ to be down ever.
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin
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