Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

What's this I hear, Colin Morgan may have acquired a beefy looking bodyguard to go with his creepy male stalker? Jeebus. He and Bradley are probably exchanging war stories as we speak.

Bradley: Hey Col, remember that time I had to hide in my hotel room from a fangirl until Anthony came and rescued me?
Colin: Stalker, Bradley. Actual, truxfax stalker. With a cock.
Bradley: Shit. *pours whiskey*
Colin: Hey Bradley, remember that time you slipped and fell on my mouth and we accidentally made out for an hour?
Bradley: No.
Colin: Right then, more whiskey, please.

Jensen Ackles: Bitch, please. Let me tell you about the time some chick showed up to a signing in a wedding dress. And the time a screeching fangirl flung herself at me at a con. And the time--
Bradley: ...fuck acting, let's run away to Scotland and herd sheep.
Colin: You drive.


eta; And then Nick ended me by writing Jensen/Bradley/Colin comment fic. *flail*
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin
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