Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Delicious refuses to let me add bookmarks (I need to bookmark Lola's most recent KMM reveal--eee!--before I forget, le huff) and GMail seems to be down ( agrees but a friend in Australia can access GMail just fine, hrm).

» Signed up for cheerleading at paperlegends. Exciting!

» I miss Supernatural and don't know why I feel so removed from everything. I'm glad the show comes back this Friday. Well, probably. *eyes CW*

» Slowly recovering from death flu. I told you the universe is out to get me! I'm never announcing my return ever again, that's just asking for trouble, apparently.

» I just started a sentence with, "I don't want to jinx it but"--and then hit the delete key so hard I almost broke it. See, I learn!

» Last week sometime I stalked Ella's journal and clicked lots of 'add friend' buttons! I may have done so in a feverish haze but I meant every click, I promise. A belated hello to you, new friends! :)
Tags: fandom, moontalk
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