Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» All I want for Christmas... is a Merlin/Arthur vid set to All That I Am by Rob Thomas. Can you imagine? It would hurt so good. *flaps* And um, just in case someone's looking for a song to vid H50's Danny/Steve to, I vote for Ache for You by Ben Lee. I feel that song fits all of Steve's adoring looks perfectly!

» *bites fist* junkshop_disco just posted a winter-y Bradley/Colin fic! Three of my favorite things in one! ♥_♥ 'tis the season for amazing fic, I swear. lolafeist has been writing up a storm (eee!), and I think I've bookmarked just about every other merlin_holidays fic so far. My Delicious account must be wtf-ing at me; I'm super picky about bookmarking and suddenly it's getting flooded. YAY FIC!DECEMBER.

» Took tomorrow off of work to emotionally prepare for workplace's Christmas party on Saturday. I expect dizzying amounts of awkwardness. D:
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, moontalk
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