Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» The Sniffles and The Sneeze have been joined by The Cough and Leaky Eye. IT'S A PARTAAAAAAY. --- I'm happy to report that I wrote this on Saturday and have since begun to recover! I'm not 100 % yet but I'm getting there, knock on wood.

» Merlin: How can the season be over already? I need more Arthur! & Merlin! & Gwaine! & Finale Spoiler! Also, Quests. As silly as they were, we got lots of adorable Bradley & Colin moments out of them. Sigh! What I wouldn't give for someone to press a camcorder into Bradley's hands once more. Bradley/camcorder = OTP. (Don't tell Colin.)

» Supernatural: The TV Guide cover is ours! I feel a bit bad for Chuck, they would have deserved it just as much, but. Eee! Cover! *clutches* Poor Jensen, so pretty and they still try to airbrush him to death on a regular basis. It's not too bad a 'shop job this time around, though. Jensen looks all kinds of hot, actually!
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