Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

» Jensen and Danneel went out to dinner last night and ran into some paps. _hopefulness_ has pics! THE SCARF OMFG. Oh, Jensen... <3

Speaking of Danneel and Jensen, daYUM. I LOVED the dress she wore at the The Back-Up Plan premiere! Sadly I don't have a picture link handy so you'll just have to take my word for it. ;)

» Merlin recs!

Love me, and mend by spiny, Merlin/Arthur. 10,000 words, you guys! And pretty awesome words, too. \o/

Strenuous Mental Tasks by accordingtomel, Bradley/Colin. She used some of the observations fans made at Pierrefonds this months and repackaged them into some sweet, sweet RPS. I approve!
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: recs
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