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Oh, ohh. I'm a quivering mess of Merlin love today. If you want to join me check out mrs_leary's on-location pictures @ flickr and jhava's on-location pictures @ LJ. sgfaskjgfsdh AMIRITE?! BOOOOOOYS. *hearts*

Were it up to me Bradley would never get to take off those sunglasses. I thought they were really doing it for me in combination with the chain mail outfit but omfg, Bradley + the dark outfit with the leather jacket + sunglasses = SMOKIN' HOT. Unf.

Also, is his iPod really pink or am I seeing things? Actually, don't tell me, I'll just pretend that it is and giggle to myself inanely all day. :D

As for Colin, I'm glad to see his cheekbones are no longer distractingly prominent (in a bad way). Yes, I measure Colin's health by the prominence of his cheekbones, DOESN'T EVERYONE? (The answer is a wankalicious no if you're wondering.)

brb, gotta beat DownThemAll into submission. *grabby hands at pretty pictures* And maybe photoshop myself a new desktop background. Mmmyes.

eta; Oh my GOD. loreley_se posted pictures as well, and there's a full-body shot of Bradley in the dark outfit, with the sunglasses, striding across the courtyard. That boy is FIT. aksbjfsghfasjkf. (It looks like I'll be keyboard smashing a lot today.)
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin
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