Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Vampire Diaries 1.12

» You have no idea how much I love this show. NO IDEA. It's so much fun and I'm lusting after like, most of the cast, which makes it even MORE fun. I'M SHALLOW, OKAY. *twirls!*

» Elena showing up at the dance flanked by Stefan and Damon DID THINGS TO ME. I don't hate her, I want to BE her. THIS IS NEW. o.O?

» I admit it, Damon > Stefan. Yes, I'm in lust with Damon, and IT IS A PROBLEM. One moment I'm all, aww! So adorable! So sad! So MISUNDERSTOOD. And then he does something TOTALLY 100 % EVIL and I'm utterly LOST. There's no excuses to be made! He's a blood-thirsty killer! I SHOULD NOT WANT TO DO HIM. And then he smirks and POOF, panties on fire. *shakes fist*

» Ooh, Alaric/Damon, I ship it.

» Stefan and Elena were disgustingly cute on the dance floor. <33333

» Who knew pencils made such fabulous weapons against vampires? I lol'd.

» Sometimes Stefan actually scares me more than Damon, and then I just feel unclean. WTF.

» Nooo, how can it be over already? MOAR. *grabby hands*

For those of you keeping track: I am done cleaning. *flops!* Time for Dollhouse. (Oops, is my TV whore showing? LALALALA.)
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