Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Burn Notice 3.11

» Oh hello, I heartily approve of the new Big Bad! Chris Vance and his yummy British accent were my only reasons for sticking with Mental until the end. I just wish his hair weren't so short, it doesn't suit him. Other than that, thumbs up!

» That black suit, red shirt 'n tie outfit was KILLER. Rawr!

» Michael's mom: The point is, I'm worried about [Sam]. He's not himself, with the drinking...
Sam's former friend: Hehehe, no no, Sam's always liked his beer.
Michael's mom: He's NOT drinking is what I'm sayin'.

Ahahaha! Sam's well being is measured by how much beer he is drinking? WIN.

» If I were an actor considered for a job where, in the script, I'm described as looking even more of a pedophile in person than on a picture, I'd probably rather starve than take the job. JUST SAYING.

» Jesus, Michael is just too cool for school, isn't he. Now he snaps his fingers and shit explodes? IMPRESSIVE. ;)

Now, back to cleaning. Woe.
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