Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

* Merlin finale today! I'M EXCITED. There's a cherry beer in my fridge that's waiting for me to crack it open to the sound of opening credits. \o/

* I love snow. I love snow so much that I love it even when I'm driving in a snow storm so bad I can't see the road and am terrified and afraid for my life. SNOOOW. <3 It's supposed to snow again tonight, and this time I'll be safely tucked away at home so I'm even MORE excited for it. Whee!

* I'm going into work tomorrow and Tuesday and maybe Wednesday too, even though I've been told it's okay to start my Christmas vacation early. Moonie = dumbass.

* Skype is being weird! I log in and in the taskbar it's all whee! i'z online and stuff! But the program won't load. *pokes it* I DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS FUCKERY.

* No seriously, Moonie = dumbass. My profile is full of snowflake cookies and I never thanked you! THANK YOU, EVERYONE. I was happily surprised and am very sad that I couldn't return the sentiment before LiveJournal fixed the free vgift hole. :(

* Iz it Merlin timez nao? eta; BRB, I SHALL LIVE IN THIS POST FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE. (Fair warning: gifs + capslock + adorable boys lurk behind that link!)
Tags: fandom, fandom: #merlin, moontalk
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