Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

1. Da-yum! Jensen looks GOOD in black. To those of you who're currently in a room with him in Chicago: please stare at him longingly for me. THANKS.

2. I wish only con-goers would be using the #chicon tag at Twitter. Wading through all the pointless RTs and other chatter is a pain in the ass.

3. I'm kind of in love with the Vampire Diaries. Yes, still. ♥_♥ Don't laugh! For a show on the CW about a vampire who actually, literally writes a diary (I lol'd so hard, oh god) it is really, incredibly good. More people need to watch it and write me fic and make me pretty icons! BECAUSE I SAID SO.

4. My apartment is finally ALMOST finished (I'm close enough to the finish line to allow myself to get very excited), it's just missing a few tiny things here and there (like decorations; I bought plants on Friday!), and oh god, it looks like an actual grown-up is living here. SCARY STUFF. BUT SO PRETTY. Expect pictures soon!

5. Has anyone seen my Gwenface? She's not on Skype and I feel bereft. :( eta; FOUND HER. \o/

6. WAIT WHAT. There's a new Doctor Who tonight?! AWESOME. I've missed Ten something fierce. Here's hoping this one's better than the last, though.
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