Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

A couple of quick recs! These stories are short, fun, quirky (some might call them crack-y), and cheered me up considerably. I love funky AUs!

Look What We've Got! (A Fairy Tale Plot) by kelleigh
Summary: As far as fairies go, Jensen's pretty elitist and a bit of a show-off. Where mortals are concerned, Jared's got a big heart and the best sense of humor. He'll need them both to deal with everything Jensen throws his way.

Yes, REALLY. Mwah!

Take the Sky by Thunder by bad_peppermint
sky!pirate!Jensen and wizard!Jared, I kid you not. \o/

And now I have to go be a Responsible Adult (or act like one, rather, pfft) and take care of that dreadful RL to-do list. Bah!
Tags: fandom, fandom: #supernatural, fandom: recs
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