Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

So, Star Trek: Reboot, huh? sdfbasjgfsjdghfds!!1!

I feel like a recovered shopaholic who was handed a black Amex. OF COURSE I took it, I just didn't expect to enjoy the trip so damn much. SIGH. This version of the universe kicks so much ass, I don't know what to DO with myself now. There's too much fangirling on my f-list to just move on! But do I want to check out the fic?

Fic is DANGEROUS. What if I get sucked into the fandom! MEEP, EEP, RED ALERT. History has proven quite well that I am incapable of juggling more than one fandom. I can watch twenty tv shows and adore five movies at the same time, but being fannish about something is a full time job for me. CRAPCAKES. *sits on hands*

I'll uh, just be over here, reading the newest J2 Big Bang story. *clings*
Tags: fandom, fandom: other entertainment
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