Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

SIGH. Fine, then. *baaaa!*

moonilicious @ Twitter

I can't promise I'll remember to update that thing regularly (see also: this journal) and LoudTwitter will never be a friend of mine (RAWR!), but if you want to add me, please do! Or leave me a link to your Twitter so I can add you. :)

eta; If your name on Twitter is wildly different from your LJ name, please drop me a quick line? Via comment or PM if you'd rather not share it publicly. Thanks!

son of eta; Er, okay, I think Twitter might be having a bad day. I'm trying to add everyone back but Twitter is all, "Pfft, clicking the accept button isn't enough! TRY HARDER." o.O! *frantic button clicking*
Tags: journaling
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