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Firefox has failed me! Or uh, my mad CSS coding skillz aren't so much mad as they are crap. Your guess which is more likely. *cough* ANYWAY, the problem: my sidebar. What I WANT it to do--and what it DOES, at least in my versions of IE and Opera--is for the square to wink out when I hover over the < ul > part of the lists and for the text NOT to move to the left when the square disappears. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to fix that--or why it is happening in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated! eta; tyffi FTW! :D

Speaking of my layout, I am in LOVE. I heavily customized it to fit my needs, weird squirks and sometimes unreasonable demands (also, there was much bug fixing) and now it is damn near to PERFECTION. I mean, like there are SMILEYS--and little HEARTS!!--when I type certain things, and the best part: it won't bother you nice people because only my layout shows them. Like, you see *hearts* while I see (unless you're reading this at my journal, in which case you're probably very confused right now, hee). Also, MULTI-LEVEL TAGS OMFG. Were it possible to marry a layout, I would be seriously tempted. *waggles eyebrows*

The tags are still under construction, by the way. You won't see most of them--they are there, but hidden because the tag count is zero. I'm currently re-tagging which is a pain and taking forever. Either I over-tagged or I didn't tag at all so I might as well have started from scratch. And here I thought that once I came up with an easy to use tag system this whole thing would be a walk in the park, but apparently my brain is wired wrong and I think too complicated (can't see the forest because all the damn trees are in the way, that sort of thing) so I had to re-model the tag system itself twice already. *facedesk* So yeah, tags are SRS BIZNIS, apparently. I'd MEANT for them to be fun, originally, alas, fun is the opposite of making stuff easy to find, which I had to realize when I found myself browsing many a journal in search of something that would have been easy to locate if only the journals had been tagged uh, boring-but-usefully. *single emo tear*

...let's just pretend I didn't almost forget to tag this entry before posting.
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