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I agree with Sam and Bobby, Dean is ADORABLE. And ridiculously pretty. (That giant, badly placed CW logo still needs to die a fiery death. LET'S PETITION.) I absolutely adored Sam's reactions to Dean's crazy. They were PERFECT. *draws hearts*

One thing, though. Dean remembers hell? I was miffed when it seemed he'd forgotten because wow, way to take the easy way out, writers. But he remembers? And he's fine? LAME. *grumps* It makes me want to throw some Farscape DVDs at Kripke and co., seriously. Talk about 'missed' opportunities.

See, that's why I don't do episode reactions. I'm PAINFULLY BORING. And for some reason I always end up bitching. It's like, there's so much squee on my f-list, all there's left to do is point out the annoying bits. WTF MOONIE. ;_;

Um, but speaking of bitching...

Dear CW,
it's no longer a 'surprise' if you release all the details beforehand. That first teaser clip a week before last night would have been enough. Alas, I can't be too annoyed with you because I'm happy you showed that at all. And it was HILARIOUS. I heart Jensen for being a dork and Jared for laughing his ass off. :D

ANYWAY. I LOVED it! I did! In fact, I'mma go watch it again and laugh myself sick (AGAIN, *clutches belly*) rrright now. \o/
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