Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

Torchwood is back! :D

I wasn't sure about Marsters on Torchwood because I couldn't imagine how he'd fit in there (I was unspoiled) and was worried I'd dislike the character because it's, well, Marsters, but now that I've watched it I have to say: Squee! More John Heart, please! :D

How adorable was Ianto when Jack asked him out on a date? Aww!

HI STOPWATCH, HI. *ahem* ;)

"Who's Gray?" indeed! I'm curious.

On a general note, it's wonderful and refreshing to watch a show that's dealing with m/m and f/f relationships the same way as m/f relationships, ie. like it's no big deal, which it isn't. BBC FTW!
Tags: fandom, fandom: episode reactions, fandom: misc. tv shows
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