Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

PSYCH! That episode was better than chocolate. I laughed a lot and squeed muchly at the ending which was oh so sweet. Whee!

Confession time! I have a teeny tiny thing for Russell Crowe and I'm dying to see 3:10 to Yuma. I also have a teeny tiny thing for Robert Downey Jr. and right this moment I'm dying to see pretty much anything good he's been in (it will probably be Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I love that movie). What I'm dying the most for, though, is a little movie called Shoot 'em Up (see also: official movie website) starring Clive Owen wearing a black leather coat and kicking ass. I have watched the beautiful hi-def (1080P OMG) trailer ten times now and, *GRABBY HANDS FOR SERIOUS!*

Californication has been renewed! I'm so very fond of that show and thrilled that we'll get a second season. It's a Showtime show, though, which means season one consists of only twelve episodes, the last of which will air on October 29th, and season two won't premiere until summer 2008. *woe!*

In other news (that aren't really news), Jensen Ackles is a dork.

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