Moonie (moonilicious) wrote,

When I said Californication would have to work hard to keep me interested, I clearly underestimated David Duchovny's charisma. (Semagic's spell-check suggests I change 'Duchovny' to 'anchovy'. I wonder if he gets that a lot.) I just adore him on that show. ♥♥♥

Have you voted in TWoP's 2007 Tubey Awards yet? Supernatural is up for a whole bunch of categories! Even the Impala got a nod or two. Dean must be so proud, hee.

Oh, oh! Quoting astralplane with permission (her entry is f-locked): "Jared Padalecki came in to the store today. I guess I knew Supernatural was filmed in Vancouver, but didn't really realise it. I wasn't sure who he was until he handed me his (extremely fancy black no-limit only for special people and weighing three times what a regular credit card weighs) Amex. Then he asked for directions to the Bosley's (pet store up the street). I thought of moonilicious, as if it weren't for her I probably wouldn't have recognized him at all (I've never seen Supernatural...). He's quite significantly taller than I had imagined him, and was very pleasant." I went all omg!fangirl and asked what he bought. He asked for two white and two red wines. :)
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