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Gah! My f-list is out of control today. Something about massive amounts of auto-posts, a new feature that doesn't seem to know what an LJ-cut is. *weeps* Bad idea, LJ. Bad. Idea.


Last year around this time I was cranky as hell for several weeks because I kept getting spoiled for the SPN DVD extras and was pretty much completely spoiled by the time I finally got the DVDs. (I realize that it's debatable whether or not info on DVD extras counts as spoilers.) I might've waited for the DVDs this year too -- if I were living in the US, knowing I'd have them along with most of fandom on the 11th. But I don't, and it's not like fandom would wait until I have my DVDs, so when it comes down to it, it's really all the same to me.

In short: agent_spooky posted a complete S2 blooper rip of good quality, and I watched it.

It's ten minutes long! TEN. MINUTES. OF BLOOPERS. Kripke & Co. love us, they really do. *happy dance* I loved the bloopers, I laughed so much, so hard. Our boys are cute and adorable and I just, I have no words to describe how happy this fandom makes me. I can't even pick a favorite moment, they were all so awesome. Rock-Paper-Scissors! Farts! Torn pants! Ass-slap!! I'm dizzy with love and full of squee, y'all. *draws hearts omg*
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