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It took me three cups of strong coffee to wake me up today. That always happens when I sleep too long. Too long being twelve hours in this case. *ahem* But, *yawn-stretch* damn I needed that. Sleeping in on Saturdays is one of my favorite things ever and I think I'm allowed seeing as I get up at 5 AM from Mondays to Fridays.

The new Jeffrey Dean Morgan images make me very, very happy. So did the Jensen Ackles TV Guide images. My fandom is so damn sexy, y'all. *hearts*

By the way, if you aren't reading indysaur's SPN College AU Everyone Experiments in College, you're seriously missing out. It's Jared/Jensen and fun. Mike Rosenbaum, Tom Welling, Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush and Sandra McCoy make appearances as well, and omg I adore indysaur's Sandy and Soph. Hell, I adore the whole thing. It's up to part 5 already and I'm eagerly waiting for more. Thankfully indysaur is posting new parts frequently.

I've been playing Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children for the past few days. It's frustrating as hell because it progresses so slowly, and that's even though I already have it set to twice its normal speed. *scowls* Of course I can't simply stop either, because I've already gotten this far, I can't give up now, right? *stabs brain*

I've also been poking around Second Life. Chose a male avatar, and wow, it's almost impossible to find good male skins & shapes, especially ones that don't cost an arm and a leg. Then again, had I chosen a female avatar I would have too much cool stuff to choose from, which I'm not sure is any better.

I officially lose at gaming in any form. *hangs head*

In unrelated news, my guinea pigs are SO CUTE OMG. I heart my wee babies.
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